Las Palmas


Estas son las principales rutas con las que podrás descubrir los rincones más espectaculares de Gran Canaria:

1. Doramas Jungle: forest, waterfalls, ruins and the beautiful village of Firgas.

Firgas is the smallest village of the island but one of the most beautiful. In the heart of the old Doramas Jungle (Doramas was a brave aborigin warrior) is the Village of the Water, Firgas, starting point of our route. Our path begins in the old village, where we will start a 500 years time travel to know and feel the history in a very special way. Aborigins, conquers, farmers and tourists are the characters of our story which is going to tell us everything about the architecture and traditions while we descend to the famous Canyoon of Azuaje, home of the Last Rain Forest.

The canyon is full of Laurisilva, a natural jungle typpical of Canary Islands and it has a small water course that we will follow in the route, enjoying their waterfalls. We will arrive until the ruins of the old spa of Azuaje, a magical place stopped in the time. From here we will come back to the village and we will visit the nice viewpoints. We will finish in the same point that we start, but we will recommend you some places for having lunch: Firgas is one the best place to try local food!

SLOPE   +- 300

2. Osorio Forests: a landscape between mountains shaped by the farming in Teror.

Osorio fields is a great place for hiking lovers who want to discover the history of the island through a path that talk to us in each step and where we can find some of Most Famous Trees of Gran Canaria. Forests mixed with cultives making of this route one of the TOP of the island. Enjoy this landscapes with a local guide will do of this experience something unique. We will design the route to your physical level, connecting diferent trails depending on your interests. In the park we can find La Casona a good example of traditional canary architecture.

This route can be combined with the famous Stair's Canyon, a really nice route where you can take cool pictures. The route is so close to Teror village, one of the must of Gran Canaria. Visiting their famous balcony's street, the church and try the local food is a great option to finish the route.

DISTANCE   6 / 12 Km
SLOPE   +- 100 / +-400

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